Testing your installation

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Type "Ampersand --version". The expected behaviour is that Ampersand replies with the version of Ampersand. It will look something like:
    C:> ampersand.exe --version
    Ampersand v3.1.0[master:2fa348f*], build time: 08-Sep-15 14:04:58 West-Europa (z
    The version number is important to specify, whenever you have a question of like to report an issue. It really helps us when you add the version number, including everything between the brackets when you contact us.

Test to see if you can build your first prototype

Ampersand allows you to generate a working prototype of your ampersand model. An Ampersand prototype is a website that requires a webserver to run on and a (My)SQL database server. This chapter describes the prerequisites for getting such prototypes up, and running.

Suppose you have an ampersand script called myModel.adl with the following content:

{+This script allows you to check whether or not you can actually use Ampersand.-}

sessionMyName :: SESSION * MyName [UNI]
MEANING "My name can be known in the current session."

ROLE User MAINTAINS "Please specify your name"
RULE "Please specify your name": '_SESSION'[SESSION] |- sessionMyName;sessionMyName~
VIOLATION (TXT "You can use the 'Registration' interface to do so.")

INTERFACE Registration (sessionMyName) FOR User: '_SESSION'[SESSION]
BOX[ "My name is" : sessionMyName

BOX[ "Hello, world. My name is" : sessionMyName 

--$The following rule is there for the sole purpose of having the role ExecEngine defined.
ROLE ExecEngine MAINTAINS "Dummy rule"
RULE "Dummy rule": I[SESSION] |- I[SESSION]


Don't worry if you do not understand what everything in this script means. That isn't important for now. You can generate the prototype website for the script in file myModel.adl by typing the command:

 ampersand --proto myModel.adl

This creates a directory myModel.proto (in the current directory), that contains the prototype website. Obviously, you will need a web server and a database server to run the prototype. This is discussed at Installing Ampersand.

Usually, you would have some demands regarding particulars of the generation. For example, you may want to generate the website in a specific directory, specify a particular CSS file for this website, etc. For the complete syntax of the Ampersand executable, see the chapter about the command line interface

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