This tutorial is meant for IT-professionals who want to develop information systems. Knowledge about Ampersand is not presumed. The text offers pointers for you to find out many things on your own. This tutorial is intended for use in a classroom, because a tutor is required to explain the theory. This theory is also available in chapter 3 of the coursebook It also contains assignments to let you practice.


  1. You will start by looking at an information system called "Hawaii" and learn the basics of its specification. By looking at a small, but complete information system you can discuss the purpose of the course with your tutor and peers.
  2. Then you will be introduced to a tool, RAP2, in which you can specify your own information systems. By using this tool, you can make informations systems of your own, enabling you to complete the course.
  3. You will learn how to analyse a "spreadsheet information system" and turn it into a well defined information system. This technique allows you to help organizations by organizing and structuring data
  4. You will learn how to add rules to your data. This will allow you to add meaning to your information system, because you can assure your user community that these rules will remain satisfied.

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